"I contacted Jess when I had reached the end of my tether, I gave birth to my third baby in January and felt confident going into the birth that I had done all of this before and was really looking forward to caring for a newborn again. However, baby number 3 was also my most unsettled and first to have colic. Within a few weeks of no sleep, poor feeds and a very dicontented baby I was a wreck! Tried all of my usual "tricks" and spent an absolute fortune on all sorts of gimmicks guaranteed to bring harmony to my life! No!

The situation was starting to impact the whole family as I wasnt getting any rest, had very little time for my older children, no quality time with my husband and was wondering how I was going to cope! At this point Mathilda spent most of the day screaming and I spent most of the day trying everything to get her to stop!

I stumbed across Jess on one of my daily sessions scouring the internet for something to help us and I am so glad I did - literally from the day I got in touch with her we havent looked back - her calm, rational, experienced support helped me to take a deep breath and bring some order into our lives again. I had become so anxious with the situation I couldnt see the wood for the trees.

Within days, as Jess promised I had a different baby and things just get better and better - Mathilda now feeds very well, takes wonderful naps and sleeps through every night, she is utterly gorgeous and content when awake and a joy to look after. Thanks Jess for helping me to regain my sanity and restore my confidence."

Sleep Training Mathilda

"Imagine having a friend round who actually invites you to talk endlessly about your child. Without fear of being boring or being judged or being in a competition! The prospect of potty training my son was nerve wracking to say the least. In two days Jess had confirmed that the time was right, captured our lad's imagination and won his trust, started him on the right track and provided us with a simple and effective no-nappy routine. Her calm and confidence was inspiring and contagious and it was a pleasure to have her join the family briefly. Every home should have one!"

Potty Training
West London

"I cannot recommend highly enough the value of a structured routine designed around the life you have, rather than a text book 'fit's all' solution, (believe me, we tried a fair few, they didn't fit!!) It is difficult to trust that your baby will happily adapt to new and better habits to start with, but we are seeing huge improvements in her, the unsettled time reduced so rapidly each day that within a few weeks we now have more time in the day to function normally, and in the evenings to be a couple again, and to rest!

I had an uninterrupted hot bath yesterday for the first time since before she was born, bliss!"

Sleep training Rosie
North London

"Jess has a gift! That's the simple truth. The Baby Manual sleep training really has given us our lives back. She is WONDERFUL. I can't say enough about the time, energy and care she has devoted to reprogramming our tiny daughter. Who'd have imagined such a small person could get us into such an un-bearable situation purely by depriving us of a few hours sleep and the space to re-charge. Jess came into our home and in a friendly, logical, experienced and professional manner, handed us back our sanity! India loved her too.

We now have a simple and controlled plan to follow which amazingly began to work even before she had completed her 3 days (and nights) with us. She has demonstrated how we can regain control, and by following her advice our daughter is now having 2 restful sleeps in her bed by day, and after only a week, we are going through the night! Resulting in a generally calmer baby all the time. The awful 3 months of sleepless nightmares are finally at an end!


Louise with India
Sleep Training & Feeding Routine

"Our daughter was born prematurely, we had got used to a little more sleep while she was in the neo-natal unit, so it was a shock adapting once again when we brought her home. There seemed to be no difference between day & night and it was really wearing us down after a few months. Jess really helped during a time when I thought I'd never be myself again. Once our daughter was a healthy weight, she worked with me to create a feeding and sleep plan which really opened up more time in my day and calmed us all down.

In the year following this new routine, I started my own business which enabled me to have the work life balance I need. Thanks to The Baby Manual we now have plenty of time for both.

5 years on, we recently called Jess for a few reminders. Our 3 month old son was showing signs of being ready to sleep through the night and Jess reminded us what to do and how to stick to the plan now that we have 2 children to care for. We're all sleeping through a second time round, settled and happy, just the way it should be."

Maria, Mother to Morgan and Michael
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