We can work together to devise the right option for you and your family.

All of the following services can be tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements. None of the home visits or calls will be timed. Flexibility is key when dealing with children. All costs are inclusive of travel and or parking expenses*. There will be no hidden ‘extras’ and no agency fee.

E-Solution: £30

  • Email Advice tailored to your specific needs outlining new routines/plans to follow

Time To Talk: £50

  • Phone consultation at a pre-arranged time to suit you. The consultation will include advice specific to you, your baby and your family’s needs
  • Follow-up summary of the consultation via e-mail which will include any new routine/plan laid out in a printable, easy to follow form
  • This solution has been useful for minor queries regarding your new baby and general routine advice also advice on childcare and the different options available once you have decided it is time to return to work or just have some time to yourself again!

Time To Talk + PLUS: £100

  • As above but also to include a detailed phone consultation around day 3 of the plan to make suggestions on any changes that may be needed
  • Also to include a follow-up email summary of the consultation

Sound Beginnings: £200

  • As Time to Talk + PLUS but also to include on hand support via phone or email throughout the first 3 days between the hours of 9am and 9pm
  • Detailed phone consultation with follow-up email on day 5 of the new plan
  • To include new, revised, routine plan and ‘progression’ routine plan and advice – as your baby is growing and changing at such a remarkable rate, you will find your routine will need adapting frequently to change with your baby. We will provide tips on how to meet your baby’s needs over the coming months!

Stress relief: £250

  • Initial phone consultation, usually lasting around 45 minutes, to evaluate your situation and needs/requirements (subject to prior registration)
  • Detailed consultation where your personal, tailor made routine/plan will be put together according to your own individual, specific needs
  • Follow up visit within 4-5 days of initial consultation, lasting around 2hrs to evaluate success of the plan/routine with the option to make adjustments where necessary
  • Phone back-up/advice where needed, during the hours of 8am and 9pm within the 4-5 days

Calmer Nights: £365 - £465

  • As in Stress Relief, but also inclusive of 1-2 overnight stays from 6pm-8am to help guide you through what can sometimes be a tricky, tiring first couple of nights of the new plan/routine.
  • This package has proved most popular and successful with first time parents who may feel less confident with following a completely new routine for the first time with such a tiny infant.

Happy Days: £325

  • Stress Relief, but also to include a full day, from 8am-8pm working through the new plan/routine with you. Assisting you in putting the routine into place as smoothly and successfully as possible with minimal disruption.
  • This package has proved popular with clients who have an older child and are struggling to find the routine again since the birth of the new baby. It has also helped clients with the difficulty of introducing the new baby to older siblings. Not to mention, a helping hand for a day can help ease the strain, enabling a new routine or plan to be put into place much more smoothly.

All of the above Solutions are adaptable to fit with your individual needs. If you wish to add something or indeed leave something out then please feel free to discuss this with your Consultant prior to booking.

*See Terms and Conditions Home Consultations 1. (B)

Weaning Consultation: From £30

A consultation can be arranged via phone or email from around 14 weeks to discuss weaning and ongoing routine advice

Full Client Support Service: cost on application.

  • Pre-baby shop with client: the Consultant will meet with you prior to the birth of your new baby, to go through what you will need, both for yourself and your baby. Lists to be checked and amended according to your needs.

    The Consultant will accompany you on the pre-baby shopping trip.

    Follow up letter to you regarding the shopping trip, outlining any extra items that will be needed for the baby.
  • On the birth of the new baby: the you will be offered on-line and phone support during the hours of Mon-Fri 8am-7pm during the first three weeks.
  • At 6 weeks: a consultation visit to you to set a new routine/plan in place. This will take place during a full or part day, depending on your needs, with an option of, at a reduced rate, 1 overnight consultant support (following the usual terms, see package B)
  • Within 4 days of the consultation: a follow up visit to ensure the new routine is running smoothly and make any necessary amendments to the plan.
  • At 8 weeks: a further visit from the consultant to ensure the smooth running of the routine and to reassure you with any problems or anxieties you may be experiencing. This time can also be used to alter any plan/routine according to your growing baby’s, or indeed your needs.
  • At 12 weeks: a suggested further, no obligation, consultation, at a reduced rate, to discuss any weaning queries, or further routine advice.
  • The consultant will also be able to give professional advice and moral support to any parents wishing to return to work, or even spread some of the ‘load’, with childcare advice.

Pre-Baby Shopping Experience: cost on application

Prior to the birth of your baby:

a pre-baby shop can be scheduled with the consultant to establish what items you may need in preparation of your new baby’s arrival. A list can be drawn up with your personal lifestyle in mind making sure none of the essential items have been over looked.

After the initial meeting, prior to the ‘shop’, the consultant will accompany the client on the all-important ‘shopping trip’ assisting the client with simple product advice, item selection and generally easing the strain of what could otherwise end up being a stressful, unfamiliar situation.