With over twelve years of professional experience as a qualified career Nanny to children and babies as young as just a few hours, I have seen my fair share of tantrums, sleepless nights, projectile vomit and first day tears at nursery and school, (and they were just mine!). 

Through this time I have come to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘Text-book baby’, no two potty training stories are the same and that each new mother needs just as much nurturing as the new baby!

It is with this wealth of experience that I decided to turn my attentions to those in need of the reassurance, guidance and peace of mind, knowing that the suggestions and information they are getting are those of tried and tested, fail-safe knowledge.

As your Baby Consultant I will work with you, showing you how to read your baby’s signals, giving you the skills to solve your baby’s troubles before they even begin. We will work together in devising a new routine/plan for both you and your baby. I can give you simple product advice helping you to side-step the minefield of unnecessary gadgets and gizmo’s, concentrating on the essential items needed for an easier, less cluttered life.


Being your Baby Consultant I can be on hand for phone and email advice, even after the consultations have finished, helping you through further stages of your baby’s development.