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  Is your baby waking throughout the night?
Is your baby having trouble sleeping?
Are you having difficulty weaning your baby?
Are you having trouble finding the right routine for you?

The Baby Manual baby consultancy is all about working with you to help solve your baby problems. Baby Consultancy is not like Maternity Nursing. We will not come in, take over/take charge and hand your baby back to you after weeks of being in your home. We will work with you, guiding you, showing you how to read your baby’s signals, how to understand what this little stranger is trying to tell you, enabling you to cherish and enjoy this precious time with your new infant.
It should be about enjoyment not endurance.

  • The Baby Sleep Guide
    We can work with you to get baby into a good, consistent night time routine so you can all enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • Bespoke Routine planning
    We can tailor-make a plan or routine, with your personal lifestyle in mind, for you to follow, which can be adapted, without disruption, as baby grows.
  • Advice for new parents
    The ‘manual’ your baby didn’t come with!
  • Tried & Tested Tips & Techniques
    Including simple product advice and help with weaning.

Above all we can help you
to regain control
over your own life...